Another day in the Mission


There seemed to be less people at the Thursday Farmer’s Market yesterday. Maybe they were all watching the World Cup. Well, even though the U.S. lost to Germany, the bars and pubs are still packed with people watching other matches. I opted to go to the Farmer’s Market instead of watching soccer. I love seeing everyone and their dog come to buy fresh veggies and pastries, and just hang out. It’s my idea way of winding down the day.:)


San Francisco DMV


I had read many horror stories¬†about the DMV — like the woman behind the counter literally sprouts fangs as she’s talking to you. When I arrived, no employee looked like Dracula and my experience was quite pleasant, except for the breakdown. Right as I was told I passed the written test for my renewal, all the computers went down for two hours. I had to make a decision to come back another day and re-do everything or wait. I figured I was lucky to pass the test, so I waited. Fifteen minutes before 5pm (when they close), the computers were up. Many people had already left in a huff; a guy who had been sitting next to me said it was a conspiracy by the DMV workers to get everyone to leave so they wouldn’t have to work. I chalked it up to just technical problems.

At the end, the only people who were patient enough to wait it out were two Italians, a Nigerian, a Chilean and me. I was the only American. Given the demographics of the city you would expect to have at least one applicant from an Asian country but I took note that the two Chinese men and one Korean woman sitting near me left within 30 minutes after they heard the computers went down. The ones who waited with me, did not complain once. And when all their paperwork was processed I noted how they thanked the DMV employees. One of the Italian men actually went around the counter and shook the hands of three DMV employees saying they did a great job by hanging in there. I wonder what the DMV in Italy is like.

DMV Office

Green Heart Foods

Green Heart Foods Summer Menu

This is another eating venue near my apartment, located on 20th Street (cross Shotwell). The food here is fresh, healthy and local. My favorite is the super bowl. If I want something lighter, I eat the purple bowl. Yum! Everything is organic and TASTY. There are items for take-out and there are dishes that are prepared for you when you order. Just note, there is not a lot of space to sit and eat.

Green Heart Foods Counter

Music Lessons in the Mission


Want to learn how to sing? Play the guitar? Mission Community Music Center offers music instruction for all ages and for a variety of instruments. They also allow discounts on lessons if you can’t afford them. If you just like to listen to music, then still come on by. Performances happen all the time here. See below for the next performance.


The Presidio

What is the Presidio? It’s the area of San Francisco that used to serve as an army post. That’s why there are old barrack-like buildings all along the interior. The Presidio mainly refers to the area right by the water where the Golden Gate Bridge begins but it stretches as far as Fort Mason which is near Fisherman’s Wharf.

I was at the Presidio today — more specifically, at the Presidio Chapel to attend a friend’s wedding. The weather was fantastic! For all of you in San Francisco right now, rejoice for this un-overcast, non-windy weather which is rare even in the summer.


There’s a lot to see in the Presidio: the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts (more on the edge outside the Presidio) and great views of the Golden Gate Bridge (probably the best). I sometimes go to the Walt Disney Museum to take a workshop from the illustrators/animators who give master classes.¬†